The Foundation of Fountain Gate Chapel VA

Fountain Gate Chapel (Mt. Zion Pastures) is a sister Church of Fountain Gate Chapel, Worldwide. FGC, VA was born out of inspiration of the Holy Ghost:


- To lead lost souls unto the Lord Jesus Christ and be a church for the unchurched.

- To serve as a resting place for the spiritually and emotionally deceived, bruise and battered.

- To serve as a church for all believers who need a place to worship.

- To serve as a home base for all travelling Fountain Gate members within the VA, DC, MD and the North America region.


What started as a prayer meeting on the night of Feb 12, 2010 by two people; Mr. Godfred Amofa and Pastor Alex Fredua-Agyemang eventually led to the birth of FGC Mt. Zion Pastures.


On March 7th 2010, FGC Mt. Zion Pastures took off in the living room of Pastor Alex with ten people including four invited guests in attendance. The church has been working hard to establish the kingdom of God by winning souls and partnering with other likeminded ministries in establishing God’s kingdom.


Vision Statement

To raise lively churches where worshippers respond to God with purpose and to develop leaders who are conscious that people is our focus and to present to the world the All-Sufficient God, who is able to make rivers in the desert.

Mission Statement

To declare the full Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the whole world with power preaching and creative wisdom - to raise people in a holistic manner to make a maximum impact on their generation.


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Statement Of Faith

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